Former SC Judges Visit  Riot Affected AreasIn Delhi

Former SC Judges Visit Riot Affected AreasIn Delhi

Justice Kurian Joseph, Justice Vikramjith Sen and Justice AK Patnaik have visited the riot affected areas in Delhi today to ascertain the prevailing condition there. Justice Kurian Joseph told Live Law that the situation therein is very shocking. “We went there to ascertain the prevailing situation there, and not to check who is culpable. We have seen people who lost their homes, those who lost their valuables, their vehicles etc.. The situation is relief camps is worse. People there are afraid to return to homes.”, he said.

He has also requested the Legal Service Authorities to start a help desk by organizing lawyers, whose presence at those relief camps will give assurance to the riot victims.

Justice Joseph also urged the vice chancellors of the Law Universities in Delhi to send the students to these places to do volunteer service where they could learn more about the Constitution values, the duties of the State etc.They need to understand that India is not about a religion, caste, race or language, but Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (world is one family), he said.

Riots gripped areas of parts of North East Delhi from February 23 to 26. As per latest reports, about nearly 50 people have been killed in the riots.